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Adding New Users to Your Supplier Account

There are only two user roles in PeopleSoft that Suppliers can assign to their users:

•Supplier Admin

•Supplier Processor

These roles are exactly the same except for one difference. 

•The Supplier Admin can create user accounts

•The Supplier Processor cannot create user accounts

Frequently Asked Questions about User Accounts

Q.What can my users see? 

A.Both user roles can see all information in the User Account, even banking information.

Q.  So anyone can see my company’s banking information?

A. Anyone that you make a user on your account can see your banking information. However, if someone tries to change your information, it must go through a change request process for approval. 

Q. Can my users submit invoices?

A. No, not unless they are authorized to do so in e-settlements.  

When creating new users…

•From the Main Menu go to “Maintain Supplier Information”, then “User Profiles”

•You’ll provide contact information for each user•The Role Selection Page is confusing because it appears there are several roles. Some of these roles are only to provide system access, but they must be selected.

•It is important to select all the roles indicated in the screen

FSP Guest

FSP PeopleSoft User






An optional role if user wishes to make someone else a Supplier Admin (only Supplier Admins can create Supplier Users) is:


Finally, there will be another role that they will be able to get when they are an eSettlements supplier (can create invoices online):